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How do I setup ekmMail on an iPhone?

Asked On 22 June 2012

This guide, although based on an iPhone, should take you through adding ekmMail to any iOS device.

Firstly, open your settings app in your device. The icon should look like the one below...

Then select 'Mail, Contacts, Calendars' from the list of options.

Click on "add Account..."

New select "Other" from the list of email exchanges.

Under Mail select "Add Mail Account"

You should now see this screen. Here you will need to enter your Name and your ekmMail username and password 

The Description should auto complete with Now touch the "Next" button.

Make sure you have the IMAP selected NOT the POP tab.

Here you will need to add the incoming mail server and your usernames (your incoming mail server and user name will be in your ekmMail setup email)

Here you will need to add the outgoing mail server (your outgoing mail server will be in your ekmMail setup email). For the username and password, use the same details you entered on your incoming server settings.

Now sit back and let your iPhone verify the Mail account. This step can take a couple of minutes to complete.

Answered On 22 June 2012

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